Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is a highly decorated game and one that tends to suit high rollers. However, gaming sites like PlayAmo Casino Online have brought it down to a level everyone can reach effortlessly. Playing a few rounds and winning using efficient Blackjack strategies is now affordable.

This game very much relies on skill. There is still an element of chance, but it is not as pronounced as in other random games like slot machines. Winning boils down to how skillful you are.

Thankfully, you can use several blackjack strategies today to have an edge in the game. They are not full-proof, but you will get a solid start with them on your adventure.

The Best Blackjack Strategies

The following are some strategies that will keep you afloat when playing blackjack:

Stay Within Your Budget

Stay Within Your Budget

Playing within your budget is probably the most critical blackjack strategy. However, it is also often overlooked during a gaming session. Leaving out this consideration could see you run into heavy losses.

Before any gaming session, set out your budget and stick to it. It might not be your lucky day to win. If that happens, pushing the bets further might result in the heavy depletion of your account.

Thankfully, online casinos have tools to ease the burden. You can set loss limits for the session, and the gaming site will immediately end all games once you have exceeded that amount.

Do Not Split Tens

You can split most card values in blackjack, but splitting tens is not prudent. Cards you should avoid splitting include Jack, Queen, and King. Doing that might place you at a lower hand than the dealer’s hand.

Splitting is a good strategy, without a doubt, but you are better off splitting aces and twos. Having two tens gives you a hand of 20, which requires only one point to hit the maximum of 21. Nevertheless, always observe the dealer’s face-up card before deciding.

Double on the 11s

Double on the 11s

Doubling down on 11s is another effective blackjack strategy to win more. It involves increasing your bet if you have an 11 on your hand. If you pick any of the ten value cards, that automatically hits the maximum of 21, which, in the worst-case scenario, would result in a tie.

Before doubling down, know your opponent’s face-up card. That will guide you and help you decide whether the risk is worth taking or whether you are better off continuing with your current bet.

Stick to the 12s or 13s

It might look scary to have 12s and 13s on the table. Moreover, the maximum winning number is 21, and you do not know what the dealer holds. Picking an extra card does two things for you.

First, you could get a lower value that keeps you below 21 or a 10 that takes you above 21. Having the latter is an automatic loss, making standing on 12s or 13s a prudent move.


Beating the dealer in this game is not something you can rush. You must patiently apply effective strategies like the ones mentioned above. While they do not guarantee wins, you stand a better chance of besting the randomness.

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