What is sports betting trading?

sports betting trading method

Trading in sports betting is a practice that consists of the buying and selling of sports predictions by users, regardless of the final result of the sporting event. In other words, as in the stock market, it is an activity of speculation, but instead of shares, it is carried out with sports bets.

Example of sports betting trading

Valencia win at odds of 3.00 (blue). We believe that they will score first and win the match. We decide to bet on this prediction.

The match starts and after a few minutes in which no one risks much, Valencia takes the lead on the scoreboard. As soon as this goal is scored we have to check the situation of the pink odds, where someone has decided to offer an odds of 1.70 for the defeat of Valencia, as having taken the lead it is unlikely that they will not win.

Well, we decided to bet against Valencia. Betfair will automatically specify the risk and potential profit you can make in both cases, whether Valencia win, draw or lose.

In this way, we arrive at a situation where in both situations we get positive results, which is the ultimate goal of trading.

How to integrate trading into our betting strategies?

betting trading method

Trading is such a widespread practice in the world of betting that almost anyone can design their own strategies. However, among the most popular are:

  • Betting against a draw in a match and waiting for the favourite to score so that the odds go up and you can bet in favour of the favourite.
  • Betting in favour of the favourite and waiting for them to score to bet against them.
  • Bet against the underdog and bet in their favour when they score the first goal.
  • These basic strategies can be recommended when starting out in the world of sports betting trading.

How to be successful using sports betting trading?

In short, beyond following strategies already established by other users, the important thing in sports betting trading is to design a personalised method based on your own experience that fits your way of betting. However, it is necessary to take certain aspects into account, for example:

  • Study in depth the competition and the sporting events on which we are going to bet.
  • Plan in advance the bet you are going to place in order to better foresee all the possible scenarios.
  • Establish the odds you need to bet on in order to obtain positive results.
  • Draw up a plan for possible losses.

In this case, there are computer applications that can help us with sports betting trading, automating many of the processes that are necessary to carry it out.

Frequent sports betting trading mistakes

sports betting trading

The main mistakes that are often made when trading in sports betting are similar to those of any betting strategy. Let’s see what the main ones are.

  • Not carrying out a previous analysis of the sporting event.
  • Not following the sporting event in real time.
  • Changing strategy at the slightest failure
  • Not keeping a record of the trades we make.

In trading, we must bear in mind that we are competing against other users, who will always try to adjust the odds to get better results.

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