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At any bookmaker, we can make combined betting systems, since, as we have mentioned above, it is not really a specific forecasting option, but simply a matter of grouping several combined bets with the aim of trying to improve our results.

What are multi betting systems?

combination betting systems

A multi-betting s-m consists of grouping several accumulator bets together as a general prediction that encompasses them, so that if we fail one or more we can compensate for the losses.

In other words, the essence of system betting, where we have the possibility of missing an outcome, is applied to parlay bets where each miss means the total loss of the bet.

How to calculate the odds on multi betting systems?

Calculating the odds in multi betting systems is really simple, as they do not really exist as a forecast per se, i.e. we do not have an option to form these systems, but we are the ones who make 2 or more individual combinations and group them into an overall forecast when placing the bet.

So, to calculate the possible outcome of a 3 way betting system:

  • We multiply the odds of each individual prediction
  • We multiply our bet by the final odds of each combination
  • Add the possible outcomes of each accumulator to obtain the final figure.

In this case, the bookmaker itself will automatically calculate the odds for these accumulator bets when you enter the events in the betting slip.

Ways to use multi betting systems

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Combination betting systems allow us to obtain good results without the need for a large investment, as the odds are multiplied by combining events.

On the other hand, in case of losing one we would have the possibility to compensate losses. Let’s take an example.

We make 3 combined bets with identical odds and betting a similar amount:

  • 1st Combined betting odds 3 points. Bet 10$.
  • 2nd Combined betting odds 3 points. Bet of 10$.
  • 3rd Combination odds 3 points. Bet 10$.

If each pool has a final odds of 3.00 and we bet $10 on each of them, we have several options at home to win, one, two, all or none:

  • If we win one: [(3×10) = $30 – $30 (our investment) = $0 possible net profit].
  • If we get two right: [(3×10) + (3×10) = $60 – $30 (our investment) = $30 possible net winnings].
  • If we get all of them right: [(3×10) + (3×10) + (3×10) = $90 – $30 (our investment) = $60 of possible net winnings].
  • If we don’t get any of them right: $0 – $30 (our investment) = -30 $ of possible net profit].

As we can see, when we apply a system of 3 combined bets, we only lose when we fail all the bets, and we can recover our investment if we match only 1 of the 3 combined bets.

And in the case of hitting 2 or all 3 combined bets, then the result of the bet would be quite high, without involving a high risk, since if the odds are low in a combined bet it is a quite probable prediction.

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